Radio Redhill is now transmitting on 100.4FM to the East Surrey Hospital.

As part of an OFCOM trial (the UK broadcasting regulator) Radio Redhill will be broadcasting on 100.4FM until autumn 2022. It is hoped the FM signal will bring a better signal to staff and patient areas compared to the AM service. FM allows for stereo and hi-fi sound, something that isn’t possible with AM.

This exciting development makes it easier for patients to hear their daily request programmes, especially in wards that don’t have bedside radio units. 

Have you listened on FM? Let is know your experience

Radio Redhill is available on AM, Online and the hospital bedside units and now on 100.4FM.

Update October 2021. Testing around the wards has shown that the FM gives much better reception than the AM signal. With the better sound quality and stereo sound, we recommend patients tune to FM when using a portable radio.