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Classical music and interviews with local musicians.
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Going Classical

Classical Moments is broadcast each Thursday evening from 7pm until 8pm.  It features classical music and interviews with local music-makers. 

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Bob Barnes

You might have an idea in your minds-ear of a certain kind of music that Radio Redhill plays but in fact we cover a wide range of different styles. A number of our presenters have a passion for one kind of music or another and present specialist programmes.

The station has always included classical music in its output – our founder Les Fowler himself had a wide musical taste and established classical music as an important part of our programming, a tradition which we maintain.

In our regular request programme each evening, you’ll usually find a couple of classical pieces. You are bound to recognise some of the most popular – you can see the favourites with our listeners – so you could choose one of these. But if you’d like to hear something more unusual, of course you can ask us for anything – how about something by Janacek or Durufle? It’s always rewarding when a patient requests something a little different and we are able to play it. I remember being asked for the Moonlight Sonata but not the well-known first movement, in this case it was the presto con fucco final section.

We realise that for the best appreciation, classical music does require its own space and the Sunday request programme is reserved entirely for you. Then on Thursday evenings, there’s the Classical Moments programme, where as well as classical music, you’ll find interviews with music makers from local orchestras and choirs, plus an events guide. Our Concert Hall programme gives you a chance to lie back and hear longer pieces in their entirety.

Whatever your taste in music, I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to Radio Redhill, for our company and for our music.
Bob Barnes

2021 Top 20 Classical

1. Waltz No2 – Shostakovich – Andre Rieu Orchestra
2. Nessun Dorma – Puccini – Luciano Pavarotti
3. Horn Concerto No.4 (Rondo) – Mozart
4. The Blue Danube Waltz  – Johann Strauss – Andre Rieu Orchestra
5. Four Seasons (Spring) – Vivaldi
6. Nocturne in E Flat – Chopin
7. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart
8. Flower Duet from Lakme – Delibes
9. Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven
10. Ave Maria – Back, Arranged by Gounod
11. La Traviata (Brindisi)  – Verdi – Placido Domingo
12. Piano Concerto No 2 in C Minor – Rachmaninov
13. Music for the Royal Fireworks – Handel
14. Symphony No. 40 in G Minor – Mozart
15. Pearl Fishers Duet – Bizet
16. Swan Lake  – Tchaikovsky
17. Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves – Verdi
18. Cello Concerto – Elgar – Jacqueline Du Pre
19. The Mikado (A Wandering Minstrel) – Gilbert and Sullivan
20. Sheep May Safely Graze – Bach

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